The Fixie

Well, I have to admit, when I saw the bike I knew nothing about it. I just thought, hmmm "It's ugly and weird and it just looks like a bike from a garage sale or something"  I was totally wrong. I guess I was looking at one of Brad's treasures and did not even know it. After Marianne explained the fixed gear thing to me she dared me to get on it  "Go ahead, try it, c'mon, you gotta try it" Thank goodness I felt lazy that day! I did not try it. Well now I have read about it and what is really twisted is now I can't wait to try it. I now understand why Brad had this bike. This type of thing is Brad. Here are the pictures of his Fixie that Marianne took (Thanks!) and the articles from the Chicago Tribune that explain it all.

Guest Only

There are a couple of different theories of what Brad meant by this, but however you look at it, it is funny. I continue to find these silly little things Brad had and did, and then I miss him even more.


This was another funny story, I hope Kate adds her thoughts on it also. We were sitting at the funeral home with the funeral director trying to work out the details of Brad's service and we were trying to decide what picture to put up for the "main" picture. Well after a few thoughts we were leaning towards this picture with Brad and Emily and his guitar. How perfect, how Brad. While all the while Kate was just quietly going along with this. Well, then we had said how we could blow it up to an 8x10 and put it in a frame etc. All of the sudden Kate pipes up and says "Blow it up? You are going to blow it up? Oh I don't know about that."  Well why, it should be fine we start discussing, and then she proceeds to tell us that there were some inappropriate things on his guitar and blown up you would see this and it wouldn't be good, and so on. But don't forget, the funeral director is sitting there and Kate is trying to get out of saying what it is, and we are like well, so what , it's Brad, how bad could it be, and then the funeral director even said that somewhat inappropriate wasn't so bad and so on. Finally we kind of forced Kate to spill the beans and I thought she was going to crawl under her chair after she said it was a sticker of an episiotomy!

Clear CD's

As I was going through more boxes, I found a small stereo/cd player Brad had. Out of curiosity I opened the cd player to see what he might have had in there and this is what I found.  Of course I instantly smiled and giggled because this was Brad. I took it to mean the actual cd player did not work and so out of aggravation, he made this for it. But after talking to Kate, she said that Brad used to get so aggravated at these clear plastic cd's that came with the pack of new cd's. It was a piece of junk, worthless and such a waste. So maybe that is what this is, is the aggravation of the worthless piece of junk clear cd. However you slice it, it's funny.